Saturday, October 3, 2009


"All of our words from loose using have lost their edge"
Ernest Hemingway

I am stoked to have this photo as a new fuct shirt,
This sign was posted at one of our favorite skate spots , that just added fuel to the fire . Broken glass,debris,cracks,rubble,irate neighbors and the police. When we cut school it was to skate here along with some other local spots. Time has taken its toll on this place but it remains standing.
photo shot in 1986


Brett said...

where can i get this? couldn't find any info on the FUCT blog.

fracturedlens said...

I dont know if it shipped yet, I just received it on friday. I will check into when they are shipping.

Brett said...

nice. keep me posted if possible.

theeasysubcult said...

nice. is that at the Trench?
my arbegast / trench FUCT shirt is coming out soon as well.
check my blog brian.