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I unearthed a few more Airport music hall pic's. More "Sick of it All" early 90's.

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Salman Agah Vans

These were good except for the very uncomfortable heel.

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Some time back

Andy Mack , mid 90's 95,96?

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Get Down

Transportion Circa early 90's

My means of transportation in the early 90's I was without a car for a few years , my trusty bike for longer commutes and the board for everything else. This particular deck is a Blind ,Jordan Richter(with the condom graphic) deck with 50mm union wheels(thanks Metiver) for hooking me up with wheels every month.


1995 Spitfire team t shirt.

Cherry Hill

Thrasher reprinted this shot of Duane Peters skating the legendary Egg Bowl in Cherry Hill( "RIP")New Jersey. Glen E Friedman photo.

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