Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gary " gnarbuckle attack" at the trench!

Gregor Rankine DEL MAR Skate ranch Keyhole

Damn this sidewalk sucks!

Minor Threat Philadelphia's Love Hall!!!

The best venue,the place had so much energy no wonder they condemned the building! Insane crowds pure  hardcore....damn I wish I would have had a camera during those shows.

MFC ramp jam December 2nd 1984

Dan "BOOGER" Brown Texas Plant and Layback air. Victor Koons dropping in.

MFC LVHC skate rock

Dave Turtzo, Frontside boneless on a cracked yardstick.

Brunetti frontside boneless Philadelphia Pa 1985

MFC one Nazareth Pa

eight feet wide ten feet tall eight feet of flat. John Smith crazy layback sweeper as Gary looks on.

Grinding Indy 169's 1985

Gary crushing cement with brutal abandon!

Rob Mertz Blasting backside airwalk/rocket air.

Jim Murphy (ZORLAC,ALVA,Wounded Knee)

Indy air at the Suburban Youth Ramp jam.

Backside leather grind

Alex conquered the block!